The bees of the whole planet are in danger

Experts warn of the danger: there are fewer and fewer bees populating on our planet and in recent decades they have been disappearing with alarming rate. Only in the United States each year, beekeepers are losing more than 50 percent of bee colonies.

According to experts, this phenomenon began to gain strength in 2006, and the pesticides were recognized as the main cause of the disease and death of these insects, used for spraying crops during pollination.

Moldovan beekeepers were also affected by this phenomenon, because of the many farmers spraying their crops with chemicals, either bees die or the honey they make from low-quality nectar from low-quality pollen turns out substandard. And if in 2017 the Republic of Moldova produced at least 7 thousand tons of honey, last year beekeepers managed to get a little more than 6 thousand tons of this valuable product. Experts emphasize that disappearance of bees affects people's lives and the economy on a global scale. They also claim that this phenomenon is caused, among other things, by the fact that there is practically no spontaneous flora.

In 2018, the European Union (EU) banned the use of a range of insecticides which are harmful to bees. In Moldova there are more than 7 thousand beekeepers who own about 300 thousand bee colonies.