Pheromone Trap for Apple Blossom Beetle / Tropinota Hirta

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Pheromone Trap for Apple Blossom Beetle / Tropinota Hirta

Pest: Apple Blossom beetle

Latin name: Tropinota Hirta (Epicometis Hirta)

Known hosts: apple, raspberry, currant, strawberry, blossom, flowers, they attack the leaves of many deciduous species in parks and forests and cause significant damage to gardens and orchards.

Harms both in greenhouses and outdoors. Potentially may destroy 80-90% of the crop.

Bisexual reproduction. Full evolution. Young beetles hibernate in a cocoon.

The first flight occurs in April - May and  lasts until August.

On the territory of the Republic of Moldova this moth develops one generation per year.


Product code: AAС0414


                 Trap placement:

For mass capture and sterilization of males, it is recommended to have at least 20 traps per hectare. In case of a large number of pest insects use at least 30 traps per 1 ha.

6,00 EUR