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All around the world farmers are looking for ecological friendly possibilities for pest control or get rid of it forever.

Biochemt6ech S.R.L. open the doors for farmers which understand and are ready to change the way of pest control, to deny of old way such as chemicals and pass to the product which is non-toxic for pollinators, human’s health, animals and environment.

Farmers in daily are looking for a solution which can be used 24/24, 365/365 with harmlessness and with big efficiency.

Now, almost for 40 years scientists are making research on the best solution ever found in the world.

Companies are making investments in billions of Euro to become first which will show best results in pheromone traps.

Biochemtech S.R.L. already for 30 years is working on that solution. And we can be definitely sure in that and confirm to everyone that by years and results we can do it together.

By all these years, We worked on pheromone synthesize for more than 800 different pests for fruit, cereals and legumes, vegetables, berries, grapes, forest pests and stocks.

We open the doors for farmers and companies which are aimed for a better future, to join our team, to become our partners and dealer all around the world.