List of chemicals radiated in 2020 on the Republic of Moldova territory.

After scientific studies, carried out for years, the problem of destroying pollinator insects for years was found.

The chemicals that are supposed to help farmers to reduce the pest population, lead to the destruction of pollinator insects, to the appearance of the pest's resistance and damage to the environment and human health.

Bees in Republic of Moldova die because of a pesticide used by farmers, while insects pollinate. The phenomenon is not only characteristic for Moldova, it has been widespread since 2006 and endangers bee colonies around the world.

Already after the question was raised worldwide, a lot of pesticides were put on the Black List. European countries, the United States, Russia, Japan and China issue laws and rules for pesticides production and use of it.

Specialists say that the disappearance of bees would affect people's lives and the economy globally.

In 2018, in order to save bees, the European Union banned several insecticides harmful to bees.

In Moldova, there are over seven thousand beekeepers, who have about 300 thousand bee families. And to have fruit and growth of the economy, we joined the countries that have and understand the responsibility for the situation.

The ecological and safe way, is the only way to pass into the age when we have the possibility not to destroy, but to protect and receive the true gift from Mother Nature.

The solution in this case, is the product in which scientific and financial investments are made in enormous quantities. At the base of the product lies the instrument (instinct) given by Mother Nature to every species in the world (human, animal, insect, and other forms). The sexual pheromone of the female pest is used in the way of attracting the male and interrupting the reproduction, which leads to the decrease of the pest population for each generation, as for the given season and for the following seasons as well. So the solution to decrease the damage that is brought from year to year, is simple, without a danger to the environment, animals and especially to pollinating insects.

Inform yourself which chemicals will be radiated in 2020 on the territory of Republic of Moldova, but be sure that Biochemtech S. R. L. supports you with the solution that already for 20 years shows the result in practice without a danger to the environment, animals and especially pollinating insects.

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