Tomato leaf mining moth / Tuta absoluta

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Tomato leaf mining moth / Tuta absoluta

Pest: Tomato leaf mining moth

Latin name: Tuta absoluta M.

Known hosts:  especially tomatoes, aubergine, potatoes, peppers etc.

This is a relatively new pest in our country. It attacks vegetables both in a greenhouse and in an open field.

In protected areas (greenhouses, solariums, etc.) it develops up to 10-12 generations per year.


Product code: AAС0409


Proper use of Pheromone Traps:

The pheromone trap is designed to monitor and reduce pest numbers.  It is recommended to install traps in the early stage of plant growth - in the seedling stage with a density of 5-10 traps per 1000 m2, it is important to place them at the entrance to the greenhouse.

For mass capturing of tomato leaf mining moth in an open field, it is recommended to install 20-25 traps per 1 ha. The height of the trap location may vary depending on the stage of plant growth. On the seedlings the traps are located at a height of 20 cm, as the plant grows; it must be moved to a height of 60 cm.

            From the moment of capturing the first Tuta absoluta butterflies or at the first signs of damage, it is necessary to take the needed measures to protect the culture.

2,50 EUR