Sinteza la comandă

Decurs de 24 de ani, compania "Biohimteh" este activă în domeniul produselor chimice fine, la diferite niveluri de complexitate al comenzilor clientilor.

Our resources which ensure Custom Synthesis at the highest level are:

  • Our staff consists of high-qualified and experienced specialists. 5 of our Chemists have an equivalent of a Master’s Degree and 2 – a Ph.D. We carry out continuous training of the employees, allowing to develop the new directions of chemical synthesis, and also to raise level of complexity of chemical processes carried out by them;
  • Continuous growth of production capacity. We constantly increase the production potential, increasing quantity of the production equipment and starting new production sites; we have a large stock of raw materials which allows us to start projects promptly.
  • BioChemTech has been operating for more than 24 years in the field of fine organic synthesis and is recognized by leading companies of the world as the supplier of high-quality products. We are experienced in synthesis of different classes of organic compounds;
  • In most cases the purity of our products exceeds 95 %.

When performing an order, we are guided by the following criteria:

  • We do custom synthesis only in the field of our expertise;
  • Flexibility to the customer’s requests;
  • Quick response to all requests;
  • Regular reporting during synthesis is available (upon request);
  • Scale-up and technology transfer (under special agreement).

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