Mass bees disappearance in the Republic of Moldova due to the use of pesticides

Numerous bee colonies have died due to careless or excessive use of pesticides in the fields.

The conclusion made by a special commission of the National Food Safety Agency suggests that in Tomai, Gaidar and Baurci villages bee pests were provoked by poisonous substances, used for processing not rapeseed, but a number of other crops.

“In each of the above villages, farmers used different types of chemicals. Laboratory studies have shown that out of 25 types of pesticides, at least 2-3 species were used for processing crops. It is difficult to say what kind of pesticide led to the death of bee colonies. The study of one sample costs 1131 lei, and local authorities pay for researches of three samples only” – noted the chairman of the commission, Andrei Сurсa.

About 20 beekeepers in Gaidar village were left without bees in just a few days. Nicolae Ciolac says that he suffered huge losses. He is outraged by the fact that farmers who treated their fields with pesticides are still not punished by authorities. Fifty-four beekeepers from Tomai, Gaidar and Baurci villages, which have lost up to 80% of bee colonies in May of this year, said that if the authorities do not take action, they will be forced to abandon the breeding of bees.

Farmers who use chemicals to process crops and forest plantations, without warning beekeepers, risk being punished with fines of up to 20 conventional units.